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Ultra Dog now includes Pet Accident Cover
UltraSure takes care of your best friend

Regular and consistent use of nutritional meals for your pet will lead to a long healthy life for your pet.
In addition this could also provide you with the comfort of having accident cover for your pet(s).




Ultra Dog is a leading South African developed and produced dog food. The best for South African dogs and conditions. Good quality dog food is essential for your dog's health and longevity. Ultra Dog is a veterinary food backed by the veterinarians of South Africa.
It's always good practice to feed your pet with a good quality food. This will give your dog all the necessary vitamins and minerals as well as a great source of protein. Dog food varies in the percentage of protein added as well as the quality of the protein added to the dog food.
We offer a wide range of veterinary quality food that will suit your needs and budget and will make sure that your dog is in tip top condition.


With winter fast approaching and the seasons changing your dog will need a slightly different approach to its nutrition. During the colder spells dogs as humans needs more energy to stay warm. Hence during these months dogs will tend to eat more to stay warm. Be very careful not to overfeed your dog during the winter as they will tend to over indulge. Try to keep your dog warm with a jacket or keep them indoors in a protected warmer area. This way they will not need more food to keep them warm and they will maintain a healthy weight through the winter.


When changing a dog's food from one brand to the next or even when changing between different variants of the same food it is important to use the next protocol:

  • Swop between the different foods gradually.
  • Mix the different foods to make sure your dog's digestion system gets used to the new foods protein content and quality.
  • If these guidelines as stipulated on the back of pack is not followed it can lead to quite a severe diarrhoea in your dog.