Ultra Dog caters for all need in the veterinary market. There is Premium food as well as economical range of food available. Our Premium food is rice based with no maize. In this range we cater for small to medium breeds as well as for large breed dogs. This range as the others cover from puppy to senior aged dogs.
Our mid-range Superwoof food also has puppy to adult ranges of food. There are also a few special diets in the Superwoof range. Active and working dogs is a range of food specifically made for working and hunting dogs which are more active than normal dogs.
There is also a Hypo Allergenic diet specific to dogs that is allergic to certain food allergens. Low Calorie will help for the dog's that have a few kilos extra and that need to get the weight down.


UltraSure provides pet accident cover that is included with your purchase of Ultra Dog Food (Premium, Superwoof and Special Diet ranges displaying the special sticker). Ensure that you meet the compliance requirements to ensure your Best Friend is covered in a time of need as outlined in the Terms & Conditions.


Ensure that you maintain your pet's food consumption of Ultra Dog food for three consecutive months to ensure that your pet is covered for the UltraSure Pet Accident Cover as defined. Regularly log these purchases and maintain your membership for added benefits.