What UltraDog food is included in this offering?

Any Ultradog bag that displays the special sticker (see sticker example)

What do I need to do once I have purchased my first Ultradog purchase with the advertised sticker

(see sticker example)

  • Register on the UltraSure website
    • Enter your details
    • Add at least one pet
    • Add at least one purchase
  • On receipt of registration acceptance
    • Logon with your supplied user / password
    • Read the Terms and Conditions

When will my UltraSure Pet Accident Cover start?

Cover will start once you have registered your pet

How do I know if my pet is covered for an Accident?

Ensure that you purchase a sufficient quantity of these nutritional products to feed your pet over a 3 month period to ensure cover the following month after the 3 month usage. Compliance is indicated on your pet record

How do I ensure ongoing cover thereafter?

Continue to purchase sufficient quantity of the product to feed your pet each month thereafter to ensure continual cover.

How does UltraSure Pet Accident Cover work?

Once your Vet has treated your pet, simply send in a UltraSure Pet Accident Cover claim form along with your Vet's detailed account and proof of payment. UltraSure Pet then calculates the benefit and pays you directly.

Can my pet visit any vet I choose?

Yes, you can use any veterinarian who is licensed to practice in South Africa. We will not pay claims for any treatment or service provided by a non-registered pet medical practitioner or person other than a Vet.

What is an Accidental Injury?

A physical or bodily injury that happens accidentally to your pet as a result of external, violent and visible means, for example: a broken bone, snake bite, or dog/cat fight.

Is there a waiting period?

There is no waiting period but the pet must be complaint at time of accident.

Do any age limits apply?

There is no upper age limit for UltraSure Pet Accident Cover.