Accident, accidental or accidentally: Means a sudden, unforeseen and unintended event causing injury to your pet.

Excess: Is the amount shown below that you must pay towards a claim.

1. What We Will Pay For:

Cover is provided as a result of Accidental injuries for domestic dogs and cats only where the Accident must be a direct consequence of at least one of the following:

  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Burn or electrocution
  • The actions of another animal
  • Swallowing a foreign object requiring surgical or endoscopic removal
  • Snake bite, or
  • Allergic reaction to an insect bite other than tick or flea bites, or otherwise result in,
    • A fracture
    • A broken bone
    • A traumatic ligament or tendon injury, or
    • Lacerations, abrasions or wounds

3. What We Will Pay:

a) We will reimburse 100% of eligible Vet expenses (provided by a registered Vet) less a R300 excess per claim.
b) The UltraSure Pet Accident Cover policy will pay claims to an annual maximum of:

  • R3000 (incl. VAT) per pet per pet year (i.e. 12 calendar month period from the start date of pet)
  • R10 000 (incl. VAT) per household per annum (i.e. 12 calendar month period from the start date of Member)

4. This Policy Does Not Cover:

a) Voluntary euthanasia, disposal, burial or cremation of a deceased pet
b) A malicious act, deliberate injury or gross negligence caused by you or anyone living with you
c) Treatment for an accident that occurred before you registered your pet with UltraSure Pet Accident Cover
d) Treatment of your pet should you not meet the requirements to qualify for cover (see compliance requirements)
e) Treatment your pet has received after the offer has ended
f) Any treatment for illness

5. Compliance

Ensure that you maintain your pet's food consumption of Ultra Dog food for three consecutive months to ensure that your pet is covered for the UltraSure Pet Accident Cover as defined. Regularly log these purchases and maintain your membership for added benefits.

6. Terms of Cover:

a) You must be a registered UltraSure member.
b) Your pet must be registered on this program.
c) Your pet must be compliant at time of accident

Please Note:

This policy is not transferable to another Pet owner.